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Free Beer in Breweries

Breweries give their employees a chance to sample their beer after work. At the end of the shift, employees are treated to an open bar courtesy of the company. In an open bar, an employee can drink as much beer as he wants to. The only unwritten rule over the open bar is that you cannot carry the drinks with you. Usually, an open bar lasts for three hours giving employees the opportunity to catch up over a cold beer. This is a small cost for a company to bear and is treated as more of an incentive to employees.

During low seasons, breweries are unable

During low seasons, breweries are unable to clear all their stock within a set time frame. To avoid disposing of the excess beer, a company might opt to give out casks of beer to their employees. Stocks that do not get sold off before a certain date are likely to go stale and unfit for human consumption. To avoid such a scenario, breweries opt to give away the stock that is lying in excess to their employees. Free beer is part of the perks of working in a beer making establishment. Workers find motivation in the fact that they are beneficiaries of a brewery’s products.

Free Beer in Breweries

In some instances, a brewery might decide to hold sales competitions between different marketing teams in its workforce. An industry might give out its products to members of the winning sales team as prizes. In such a setting, members of the sales team put in more effort in meeting their set milestones since they know that they will benefit from free beer. This is a brilliant way to foster competition among employees and improve your sales as a company.

When breweries hold celebrations to commemorate an achievement, free beer is served to their workers. For instance, if a certain product produced by a brewery clinches a top award, the management might invite all workers to celebrate the feat as a company. During such parties held by breweries for their employees, beer is available as refreshment. Celebrating success in this manner inspires loyalty in workers and makes them feel as part of something bigger. It translates to the feeling that a win for the brewery is a win for their workers. Parties present an opportunity for employees to mingle at a more cordial level.

While free beer is given out on special occasions, working in a brewery will definitely grant you access to plenty of it.

Valorie Herndon